CGBio lab is still running (from home) under lockdown

CGBio lab members looking very focused during virtual lab meeting….

Hello everyone, an update from our lab during these difficult times…. We have had to interrupt all of our wet lab work (as the vast majority of labs in affected places have had to do!), but we are still trying to work remotely (when time permits, as of course new challenges have emerged with the lockdown situation). However, some good news: we are happy that a review we worked on for a very long time is now out on Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research! Click here to read “Acral lentiginous melanoma: Basic facts, biological characteristics and research perspectives of an understudied disease“, by Basurto-Lozada et al., it’s open access!

We have also found that a social session twice a week where we can play online games (those by are amazing!) and chat about non-work stuff goes a long way. Hopefully the situation will improve soon but for now, please take care and enforce social distancing rules whenever possible, and take care of your mental health!

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