Dr. Adams talking about melanoma genetics

Last week was very active for the CG&Bio lab! On Monday, we received the visit of Dr. David Adams, a very close collaborator from the Sanger Institute (and with whom Daniela did her PhD). Dr. Adams gave a talk on the genetics of melanoma and discussed with the lab the different projects we are working on together. We think the meeting was very productive, with new research ideas being discussed to keep the close relationship between our labs.

Then, on Wednesday, we received excellent news: The Wellcome Trust, the world’s largest medical research charity, has decided to fund us through a Seed Award in Science for the next two years! This means we now have funding to study cancer samples collected in Mexico and elucidate genetic causes and drivers of malignancy in our population. We are very thankful to them and super excited to start working on these projects! Colleagues and people in the lab planned a little surprise celebration as this is the first grant our young lab has got. A few pics from the celebration:


Happy grant day indeed!


From left to right, Helena (bachelor student in the lab), Raúl (PhD student in the lab), Daniela and Lucía (Group leader at LIIGH)


Happy times! From left to right, Daniela, Helena, Lucía and Mari (Group leader at LIIGH)

Finally, on Friday Daniela was appointed a member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (National System of Researchers), Level I. A week of good news all around!