Research Groups

Dr. María Ávila

Population and Evolutionary Genomics

We use population genomics to study the patterns of genetic variation of human populations in Mexico and use paleogenomics to understand how they have changed through time.

Dr. Guillermo Dávila

Genome Dynamics and Evolution

Dr. Alejandra Medina Rivera

Regulatory genomics and bioinformatics

We design and develop bioinformatic approaches to unravel and study genomic regulatory mechanisms, aiming to identify genetic variants that could disrupt such mechanisms.

Dr. Lucía Morales

Saccharomycotina yeast genome evolution

We use non-conventional Saccharomycotina yeasts to illustrate the action of the major evolutionary forces acting on eukaryotic genomes. Our current research relies on the study of interspecies yeast hybrids stabilization.

Dr. Rafael Palacios

Genome Dynamics, from bacteria to humans

Dr. Daniela Robles

Cancer genetics

We use bioinformatic analyses to study the impact that genetic variants found in different populations, including those from Latin America, have on cancer origin and development.

Dr. Diego Ortega del Vecchyo

Computational Population Genetics 

We develop and apply computational methods to infer past population history and to understand the impact of natural selection on patterns of genetic variation.

Dra. Mariana Gómez Schiavón

Evolutionary Systems Biology

We combine tools from population genetics and systems biology to understand how the dynamic properties of gene regulatory circuits emerge, propagate and persist through natural selection. We aim to develop a quantitative theoretical framework that connects the dynamic regulation at molecular scale with its evolutionary patterns, identifying the underlying principles of the structure of gene regulatory circuits.

Dra. Claudia Gonzaga Jauregui

Mendelian Genomics and Precision Health

We use genomic data and leverage family-based analyses to characterize and study the molecular causes of human genetic and genomic disorders and understand their mechanisms and pathophysiology. y vincularlo con su perfil en faculty and staff.

Dr. Cristopher Van Hout

Statistical Genomics of Complex Disease

Our group focuses on population genomics and genetic epidemiology of founder and isolate populations, in particular Anabaptist populations. Also, we develop and apply statistical approaches to understand the impact of variation associated with complex traits and disease in large, unascertained studies.

Dr. Sur Herrera Paredes

Ecology and Evolution

We study phenomena at the intersection of Ecology and Evolution. We use a combination of dry and wet lab approaches to understand how different ecological interactions shape the evolutionary process, and how those ecological interactions evolve.