Our research combines genomic information from modern and ancient populations to trace the changes in the genetic makeup of Mexicans, and how these impact function and phenotype.
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Afro-Mexico Genomics Project

Using genomics to understand the genetic legacy of the transatlantic slave trade in Mexico.

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Paleogenomics of Prehispanic Mexico

Investigating the impact of Colonialism on the genetic diversity of Mexicans through time.


María Ávila-Arcos

Principal Investigator

Viridiana Villa Islas

PhD Student
Project: Paleogenomics of Pre-Hispanic Mexico

Miriam Bravo López

PhD Student
Project: Ancient Pathogen Genomics

Shreya Ramachandran

Fullbright Fellow
Project: Afromexico Genomics Project

Axel Guzmán Solís

Undergraduate Research Student
Project: Ancient Pathogen Genomics


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