Opening Ceremony

The International Laboratory for Human Genome Research (LIIGH-UNAM) was inaugurated on April 8th, 2015. Presiding the opening ceremony were the Rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Dr. José Narro Robles; the Coordinator of Scientific Research at UNAM, Dr. Carlos Arámburo; the Coordinator of LIIGH, Dr Rafael Palacios; the President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dr. Bruce Stillman; and the Governor of the State of Queretaro, José Calzada.

An emotive moment ensued when Dr. Stillman presented Dr. Palacios with a 60 year old corn cob that had been collected by Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock, who discovered DNA mobile elements when studying corn, during her field work in Mexico. The corn cob had since been kept at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, but can now be displayed in Mexico, “its righteous home”, Prof. Stillman said.

The following quote was extracted from Bruce Stillman speach in the Inauguration Ceremony of LIIGH:

“ It is a shining example of building an Institute for the times to come; an Institute that is already attracting some of the brightest minds in Genomics Sciences to Querétaro. We look forward to seeing great science emerge from this Institute”

After the opening ceremony, the Presiding Committee, along with other University Faculty and ceremony attendants toured the new installations of LIIGH-UNAM


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