To train the next generation of Mexican Genomic leaders the National Autonomus University of Mexico created in 2003 the Undergraduated Program of Genomic Sciences. The program has acquired a great international recognition due to the quality of the program and the talent and creativity of its students. Since its creation the headquarters of the program have been located in the Campus Morelos of UNAM, in particular the Center for Genomic Sciences (CCG-UNAM) and the Institut of Biotecnology (IBT-UNAM)


In 2018 this program was implanted in the National School of Professional Studies of Campus Juriquilla UNAM (ENES Juriquilla). The International Laboratory of Human Genome Research coordinates this program and is in charge of most of the courses. The first generation of LCG of ENES Juriquilla started its courses on August 2018 and the second generation will start on August 2019. See more information in.


Ph.D. Program

LIIGH participates in the PH.D. Programs of Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Biochemical Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). These programs is aimed to form creative and independent researchers at the highest international level. Each student is mentored by three recognized scientists, who integrate an Advisory committee. The Advisory Committee can include one Scientist from abroad, and additional scientists can participate in the formal meetings of the Committee with the student.


The Ph.D. Programs are based in the research performed by the student. The project is usually related with a research line of one or more members of the Committee. However, it is accepted and highly praised when a student can generate his or her own research project.


In addition to the research project, the student has to perform each semester an ad hoc Academic Activity. Such Academic Activity should be selected by the student and its Advisory Committee. Among such activities are: formal courses, periods of training in a different laboratory including foreign laboratories, series of seminars, preparation of a review in a particular topic, participation as assistant or as teacher of an academic course.


The Ph.D. Programs do not have a predetermined time to be covered. It depends on the progress of the student in regard to the maturity as a scientist and to the advance in the research project. A requisite which is necessary, although not always sufficient, is to publish a paper as principal author in an internationally recognized scientific journal.


It is important to highlight that all the students accepted in the PhD programs have a fellowship from CONACYT for up to five years.

Other types of training

In addition to the LCG and the Ph.D. Programs, LIIGH offers opportunities to perform research at different levels of training:

-Short period training: from one summer up to one year

-Bachelors Thesis

-Master Sciences Thesis

-Postdoctoral Training

To explore the possibilities of performing a Ph.D. or of the different types of research training at LIIGH, contact the Young Faculty Member (s) of your interest.